For the money they are hard to beat IMO. Ibanez's full-fat AZ series is one of Ibanez's most popular new models, thanks to its slick looks, versatility and fantastic playability. Knob placement might also be something to consider, though its also one of the easiest things to modify. I play a very wide assortment of Rock. it's just that everyone seems to think that suhrs are above everything else, and I wanted to know if that's really the case or just an internet thing. If they had invented something different and unique and then someone else took their people then maybe you could feel bad. Both have dual radii. That actually seems to happen more with the Suhr than any other guitar I have owned. So, I finally tried both today (huge caveat below). If this isnt a guitar you could see yourself playing for the next ten to twenty years, then dont buy it. Sweetwater Savings: $ 866 .66 MSRP: $ 3,466 .65. I own two Strats. So for me, its impossible to justify a $3500 guitar over a $2000 guitar on that basis. 1 Wisdom. Welcoming yet another expansion to the highly successful AZ series, Ibanez is proud to introduce the AZES or AZ Essentials line. Obviously, Ibanez and FMC took note of this popularity and came out with their takes on this style of guitar, and were able to gain a bunch of former Suhr artists with better endorsement deals (since they have larger budgets). However, AZ Essentials are also equipped with . Suhr makes stellar products but their artist deals are nothing compared to what Ibanez or FMC will do for an artist. I cant make out whether youre being sarcastic here. Taking adaptability to new extremes, the AZ series has established itself and carved out a place that spans everything from the warmest blues licks, to the most intense, shred-heavy metal riffs. I would swear they were at the same height. Hey folks, I just wanted to give a comparison rundown between these two guitars. #37. I would add to this that really the biggest issue you may come across with this these days is really the finishing fret work on the neck. Let's take a look and see if this high-end custom shop guitar is worth the insane price tag. I love mine, and it's inexpensive enough that if you didn't love the pups you could drop 3-400 on replacements and still have less than 1500 in it. [.] The Ultra sounds like a strat: dynamic, transparent, sparky? Or a Suhr Antique Modern. . For me, medium-jumbo is about as small as I can comfortably play. I have 5 guitars and just realized I dont really love any of them so after much debate and countless hours on google Ive narrowed it down to a Suhr or Ibanez AZ. That half an inch Scale length difference (25.5" on Suhr, 25" on PRS . I tried to cover "Home" guitar rendition by Vinai T. And secondly there was no stock of HSS ultras, so I tried a SSS ultra and a HSS american pro (which is different, anyway). link above. I own Fender Player Strat (MIM) that I bought almost 2 years ago. The other is a I think its a 2014 American Standard body, 2012 or 14 American Deluxe neck, with a set of Suhr piclkups (they make spectacular singlecoils, their ML Standards are the best Ive played and only a couple bucks more expensive than a set of Fenders), a Hipshot Contour bridge, and a set of Fender, I think, locking tuners. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field FIRST, Then ask the community. Like I said, the AZ is basically Ibanezs take on a Suhr Modern. In fact, Ibanez even managed to pull in two endorsees that were once with Suhr, Tom Quayle and Martin Miller, both of which now have signature AZ models. Unfortunately, theyve started only selling them new as hardtails. JavaScript is disabled. Designed to Inspire, all Ibanez Premium series are manufactured with select tone woods, high-profile electronics, hardware and dedicated skills of craftsmanship and care in details for your musical journey. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information. I might buy one again if used prices go down again. I can tell the difference between a USD$300 Strat and a USD$1500 Strat, but those differences generally wont make a difference to how well Ill be able to play on it, or how much Ill enjoy it (with the exception of whether I specifically hate the pickups on a cheap guitar, but I can do a full pickup replacement that will suit my taste for max of about $300 if I have to). But for me, I wouldnt be willing to pay triple the price over that sort of thing. Electric Guitar Body: Alder, Bolt-on neck: Maple, Fretboard: Maple, White pearloid dot fretboard inlays, Neck profile: Modern D, Compound Fretboard Radius: 254 - 355.6 mm (10"- 14"), Scale: 648 mm (25.51"), Nut width: 42,8 mm (1.69"), Bone nut, Electric Guitar Body: Alder, S-Tech Wood neck: Maple, Neck profile: Oval C, S-Tech Wood Fretboard: Maple, Nut width: 42 mm, Scale: 648 mm, Jumbo Stainless Steel frets with Prestige fret edge treatment, Pickups: 1 Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbucker Colours are irrelevant but I am looking for an HSS version and maple fretboard. Didn't vibe with the stock pups in the Ibby's, my Suhr is amazing. Though the price range of the AZ series isn't low (around $1300 US for the Premium Indonesian models and $2000+ for the Prestige Japanese models), they are generally a more affordable option . It will have a thicker-than-typical neck for an Ibanez, but probably still thinner than average and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a hair thinner than that Fender. It may not display this or other websites correctly. That Fender, meanwhile, is just an upgraded, modified Strat. i don't feel too bad for them, i'm sure their bank acct has several more commas than mine so they must be doing something right. Tuners are only an issue if the stock ones are really bad, and if they have to be replaced youre talking another $100 for Sperzel or equivalent. My full thoughts below. Nope. Today its basically like buying a toaster. Ibanez RG420HPFM ; GRASS ROOTS G-I-48LP-iv ; PRS Singlecut 10top 2002 ; fernandes sustainer ; Fender Japan TEXAS [da] Ibanez S5470 SOL Guitars: 2016 Ibanez RG6003FM (JB/'59nJ) 2018 G&L Tribute Legacy (Hot Rails/stock/stock) 2019 Squier Affinity Telecaster HH (Esquire'd w/ JB) Applause/Ovation AE28 Acoustic/Electric. They are here to help. Most Successful Signature Guitar Of All Time. -Ibanez AZ necks are .80-.88. I could just grab the Ibanez and mod my MIM strat (notwithstanding access to higher frets and radius), or save to then buy the Ultra in the future (and have both haha! This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Both play extremely well! I have a Prestige HSS AZ and a Fender Elite strat. Tried both on a Boss Katana 100w at the shop using clean, crunch, and brown channels. Great, youre good to go. Comparing Suhr's Modern line vs the new Ibanez AZ models isn't a particularly fair comparison, in that you have to decide whether country of manufacture matters to you. Hi guys, looking for some guitar buying advice. Speaking of electronics, the Suhr volume pot is somehow defective, crackling like crazy while adjusting it. Jan 25, 2021. 8 reviews Write your review Item ID: MM1TAB. All times are GMT-7. Suhr ClassicIbanez AZNFender MB 60s, 29327 178 876 392 206 106, , "" Is this serious? On the other hand, ibanez az has a similar thickness, but because of the cross-section it seems to be much thicker and fuller, which suits me very well. Ive had my eye on a prestige AZ for a while as they check so many boxes. 94.900 Ft 109.900 Ft Ibanez B1000PG-JB Paul Gilbert heavy penget [.] Some people refuse to buy any guitar made in China, but many made in China guitars are fine. To start viewing messages, On the Tom Quayle, I used 4 out of 10 positions. It gets long. thanks. I'm not sure. Both the prestige and premium lines of that series do. Thank you, I am a bit of a spec guy so it makes senses to compare them, although the ultimate test will be whether I get the mojo or not with them. Some boutiques just want to be boutiques. A friend of mine has warned me it is C-type and very chunky -yada,yada- not for fast-playing (the myth again). But overall, I felt both were excellent, with a slight but minimal edge for the AZ. b: Width of the neck at the fret position specified by the neck dimension. AZ is basically the spiritual descendant of the older higher end RG Prestige from the early 00s. In Bangladesh, guitar players in smaller villages know about Suhr guitars. Fender Epiphone Les Paul Gibson Ibanez Dob Zongora Heged . There are three principles behind the Ibanez Prestige line: Precision, Performance, and Playability. I used a Fender Mustang reissue on that, dumbass! Fretwork isn't always great on a Prestige either but generally better than Premium, yes. I imagine the bridge used by Suhr that's closest to the bridge on the Ibanez AZ2402 is the 2-post solid-saddle 510: the Gotoh 510TS-FE1. I know a lot of you have been wanting me to take a look at a Suhr, so here you go. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Not bad at all for more modern lead guitar solos. [DISCUSSION] Ibanez AZ prestige or Suhr modern satin. This is so true and reinforced after actually trying them. IMO though if you need to make a decision on something, this is it. Taking adaptability to new extremes, the AZ series has established itself and carved out a place that spans everything from the warmest blues licks, to the most intense, shred-heavy metal riffs. Inner-shredder feeling: both guitars are perfectly valid for shredding/fast playing IMHO. What's your favorite 335 style guitar for under $1000 used? I used to have an RG in pearl white. The craftsmanship is also incredibly high all round. I believe its just a fluke occurrence. 1979 Frets: 84. I mean the pickups, the neck and that bridge are all top notch. The series incorporates ideas and suggestions from musicians from around the world as the cornerstones of the Prestige production process. Kudos to Fender. The satin line is built in the same regard that John Suhr uses with the customs and you can expect the same build quality out of the satin line. HA! c: Thickness of the neck at the first fret. I owned a few AZ's including the Tom Quayle and while they all sounded great, my Suhr Modern Satin is just "it" for me. The noiseless pickups sort of make up for this. I've been posting my shootout videos around Ibanez AZ series, but so far only 24 frets. They both have roasted maple necks, stainless steel frets, locking tunerswhat's the difference?Pickups: SSV Neck, SSH+ Bridge PickupFace portion was shot with a new camera. Fender Epiphone Les Paul Gibson Ibanez Dob Zongora Heged And these are all compound-radius guitars meaning that the radius changes with higher frets. That's probably the most commonly used bridge pickup for Suhr. The part below is going to sound like a rant, but its less directed at you, and more an expression of my gripe with how guitars are marketed. check out the FAQ by clicking the Suhr Ibanez AZ Fender Ultra vs StratocasterSuhr ClassicIbanez AZNFender MB 60s I'm in the market for a new six string electric guitar, for use in standard tuning. I am a lazy bastard and will not spend my days oiling the fretboard. I can live with either. This in practice isnt a huge deal, but youll have slightly lower action before choking on the multi-radius, all else equal. For beginners, the extra push will be . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Still, I could feel the difference just not a thousand miles off. The AZ is specd with the same two singlecoils in neck and middle, and the output diference from neck to middle is pretty modest, compared to middle to bridge (where you do tend to want something hotter). The b-roll is still 1080p on this one, but will be 4k next week :)Have a guitar you want me to review? Copyright 2023 Ibanez guitars. DESCRIPTION. July 2021. - Neck type AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD roasted maple 1pc eck- Body Alder body- Fretboard S-TECH WOOD roasted maple fretboard w . Basically the general characteristics of Suhrs as compared to the major manufacturers were the roasted maple necks, SS frets, transparent finished bodies, and pickups that lean to the "hot" side but are generally more versatile than their metal-oriented counterparts. medium jumbo nickel-steel vs stainless jumbo frets. Im used to a 9.5 across the whole fretboard and love it. It doesn't raise as high in pitch as an Edge, sure, but it shocks me how it stays in tune every time. While the spec, for example, on the Super Wizard HP - "the neck for shredders," states Ibanez - offers a 17mm depth at the first fret, 19mm by the 12th with a nut with of 43mm and a 'board radius of 430mm (16.9"), the AZ's neck is much more conventional measuring between 41.84mm to 42.38mm at the nut, 20.5 to 21mm at the 1st fret and .

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