Learn how to create your own. If you think something is inaccurate, contact PRONI. If administration support Counties you will also be able to view postcodes of a particular county [Availble in the table]. This map was created by a user. In England and Wales, at least (unfortunately, not for Scotland) you could probably get a much more accurate postcode polygon by snapping the boundaries to the Land Registry INSPIRE catastral polygons, and then interpolating where necessary to fill gaps. Data Zones (DZ2021) are a new statistical output geography, introduced in Northern Ireland after the 2021 Census. The postcode of the Royal Mail offices at Tomb Street in Belfast is BT1 1AA. The polygon geometry is calculated using address geometry provided by Local Authority Land and Property Gazetteer custodians as a base. The 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, . If you cant find the information youre looking for in theCoronavirus (COVID-19) section, then for queries about: If your query is about another topic, select Other from the drop-down menu above. Required fields are marked *. For queries or advice about claiming compensation due to a road problem, contact DFI Roads claim unit. It is the only part of the United Kingdom that is not part of the European Union. Just enter your address into the search bar to locate the postal code you need for your mail. Discover new places with fully updated road atlases from Collins. Use our lookup by address (or by map) feature to get the full postal code. where they just run down one side of a street, how new developments break up existing patterns, etc. If you have a question about a government service or policy, you should contact the relevant government organisation directly. Learn how your comment data is processed. US boundaries by . The BT postcode area, also known as the Belfast postcode area, covers all of Northern Ireland and was the last part of the United Kingdom to be coded, between 1970 and 1974. by parish. You can find a list of changes in versions of this data on GitHub. Click on the map to find the full postcode for your mails destination. District Network Operator solar connection. Get a full postcode in Northern Ireland by clicking on the interactive map or found your outward post code by selecting the city on our list above. Article 64 of the Land Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 1970 provides that the description of land on the registry map (unless otherwise stated) is not conclusive as to the boundaries or extent of the land. This data is often used for service delivery and statistical analysis. The CPD is available for use by all Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA) participants or those working on . BB3, BB4 etc) in each English county KML. Detailed information on the administrative structure within Northern Ireland. Small Areas do not nest within the 11 Local Government Districts (LGD2014) or the 80 District Electoral Areas (DEA2014), but best-fit lookup tables have been created. Great Britain. The United Kingdom's (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) postcodes represented as points and polygons. You can change your cookie settings at any time. # NISRA GeographyColby HouseStranmillis CourtBELFASTBT9 5RR, Text file - Dollar ($) separated variables, Introduction to Postal Geography & Geo-Referencing, Central Postcode Directory - Terms and Conditions document, Central Postcode Directory - Supporting documents, Central Postcode Directory (July 2022) downloads. Postcodes for region Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. This fully updated . Code-Point with polygons contains postcode boundaries for . The remainder of Northern Ireland is divided into 43 other post towns which are further divided into postcode districts BT18BT49, BT51BT57, BT58 (non-geographic postcode district reassigned from Belfast to Newtownabbey post town), BT60BT71, BT74BT82 and BT92BT94. Code-Point with Polygons for UK 2023 United Kingdom Post Code Boundaries. The Ordnance Survey do have the full UK postcodes including Northern Ireland in their licensed product Code-Point which provides a precise geographical location, to a resolution of 1 metre, for each postcode unit in the United Kingdom. The postcode is sourced from Royal Mail. Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Electricity: 0345 764 3643: www.nie.co.uk @NIElectricity: DNO by postcode. One could pretty easily set up a tool to crowdsource finding points that are clearly outside a postcode. We can look at a small example of how the differences between these datasets arise, since the user guide for Code-Point with Polygons contains some images showing the postal addresses used as the basis of the data. . 03/01/2023. Towards the north and east, Antrim's mountains (which are actually a plateau) rise steeply from the sea and slope upward. Northern Ireland is a postcode area in UK, Postcode area is the highest geographical dimension followed by Royal Mail to deliver Mail seamlessly. Over the course of the 17th century, thousands of Scottish Presbyterians were forcibly resettled and English military garrisons were established, resulting in the institutionalization of the ethnic, religious, and political divisions that eventually led to violent conflict. based on the single coordinate per postcode found inONSPD, the user guide for Code-Point with Polygons, The code to generate this data can be found on GitHub, list of changes in versions of this data on GitHub. Since I cant filter out these historic UPRNs with open data, you get cases like the one shown below, where SW2 1EP and SW2 1BX overlap because theres a historic UPRN for a building with postcode SW2 1BX that was knocked down and replaced by a block of flats, each of which has the postcode SW2 1EP. Contacts for common benefits are listed below. More populous electoral wards tend to occur in large urban areas. For queries or advice about Child Maintenance, contact the Child Maintenance Service. Also available, address search for postcodes. Super Data Zones (SDZ2021) are a new statistical output geography, introduced in Northern Ireland after the 2021 Census. Cost from: 30. Because of memory constraints, I couldnt calculate the Voronoi diagram for every point in NSUL in one pass, so I calculated it for each region of Great Britain separately. We give you every single postcode in Great Britain and Northern Ireland - including those for different floors of high-rise buildings. In October 2020 there was big news for postcode geography geeks like me: the ONS added a postcode column to their NSUL dataset, which gave us for the first time a coordinate and postcode for each property in Great Britain as open data. Our Postcode Finder and Address Finder is for customers who occasionally need to look up address details. . . Download Ireland National Outline Boundary Shapefile. Sign in. Users must sign and return theTerms and Conditions documentto receive a password for access to download CPD from this website. Depending on your data, Excel will insert either a value or category map. Shapefile. A full list is available in the Guidance Notes, which can be viewed via the link below. 0345 7111 222*. About OSNI. Geocoding and postcode lookup powered by MS Azure, HERE and other services, Areas/sectors/districts boundaries - thanks to. The two biggest problems with the end results are: However, as far as I know these are the best open data boundaries of GB postcode units available for free, and they could still be improved by some work on excluding UPRNs that arent current postal addresses. The sovereign state shares its only land border with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Guidance and supporting information on the statistical classification and delineation of urban/rural areas and settlements in Northern Ireland. Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}543611N 55523W / 54.603N 5.923W / 54.603; -5.923. For queries or advice about rates, email LPSCustomerTeam@lpsni.gov.uk. Boundary-Line contains every type of administrative area for England, Scotland and Wales. Now it's time to create a map chart, so select any cell within the data range, then go to the Insert tab > Charts > Maps > Filled Map. There are a total of 11 districts in Northern Ireland, View the Northern Ireland District Map. Each LGD is subdivided into electoral wards. This work has been superceded by a new dataset of postcode boundaries I've since made - this post is here largely for historical interest as a result, but the data may still be useful because it includes some (very approximate) postcode polygons for Northern Ireland, which I didn't have data for in the new approach.. TL;DR: you can try entering a postcode here and click through to see . 1. It relates both current and terminated postcodes in Northern Ireland to a range of statutory, administrative, electoral and other area geographies. Scaled for "A" format printing - A4 and larger The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland is an independent and impartial public body, which reviews all UK Parliament constituency boundaries in Northern Ireland according to rules established by the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 (as amended). Even if the request is eventually successful, it wouldnt be usable in a project like this, since my aim is to create open data, and even if a list of historic and parent UPRNs were released under FOI they wouldnt be usable as open data. The new legislation, the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2019-21 ( text ) instructs the four Boundary Commissions (one each for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to conduct new parliamentary boundary reviews with a "review date" of 1 December 2020, and to complete the review before 1 July 2023. There is one more chilling reason we must correctly understand Christ's death and resurrection, and why the Good Friday to Easter Sunday fiction is dangerous. If you know of one, please let me know! The index map shows the 2008 parliamentary constituency boundaries and ward boundaries. The Northern Ireland postcode area is part of Northern Ireland Country Scale is 1:50,000 All maps are digital reproductions of original Ordnance Survey maps. Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. by county. Hide. KML can be used in Google Earth and other mapping tools. The scenery is gentler south of Lough Neagh, but the land rises to a height of 1,886 feet (575 metres) in Slieve Gullion, near the Irish border, where the land rises to 1,886 feet (575 metres). Interactive map of postcodes in Northern Ireland. CSV. NSUL only covers Great Britain; I dont know of any similar dataset for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is occasionally referred to as Ulster, despite the fact that it consists of only six of the nine counties that comprised that historic Irish province. Geographical Coverage and Accuracy - Northern Ireland . Click through for the animated GIF this shows the overlap between the polygons Ive generated for SW2 1BX and SW2 1EP, This dataset is similar to the Ordnance SurveysCode-Point with Polygonsproduct, which is very much not Open Data. For queries or advice about passports, contactHM Passport Office. Note: This list has not been tested extensively. [7] If you wish to check on a problem or fault you have already reported, contact DfI Roads. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible. On the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland occupies approximately one-sixth of the total land area. Polegate , East Sussex. Northern Ireland 89.5%. If you wish to report a problem with a road or street you can do so online in this section. Parishes and Non-Civil Parished Areas (December 2022) Boundaries in England and Wales . All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, /methodology/geography/ukgeographies/administrativegeography/northernireland, Local Government Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland. BETA Outsiders are increasingly familiar with Northern Ireland because of its contributions to world culture, including poetry by Seamus Heaney and music by Van Morrison. South Belfast: Saintfield Road, Four Winds, Belfast City Council, Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ards and North Down, Lisburn and Castlereagh, Newry, Mourne and Down, Lisburn and Castlereagh, Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon, Lisburn and Castlereagh, Newry, Mourne and Down, Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon, Antrim and Newtownabbey, Mid and East Antrim, Mid and East Antrim, Causeway Coast and Glens, Mid Ulster, Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon, Newry, Mourne and Down. The series is available as a complete set of 18 maps or as one sheet showing the 18 parliamentary constituencies. 15:9 ). Twice a year - May and October. OS Postcodes Data is made available in a number of Ordnance Survey Products: Codepoint (point geometry), Codepoint Open (point geometry) and Codepoint with . An alphabetical list of parishes in Northern Ireland detailing townlands within the parish and includes divisions and OS map references. In common with all addresses in Northern Ireland, Belfast postcodes start with the letters BT, a mnemonic of the capital city's name. Northern Ireland is a constituent state of the United Kingdom, located in the island of Ireland's northeastern quadrant, on the western continental periphery commonly referred to as Atlantic Europe. Electoral ward boundary changes are usually enacted on the first Thursday in May each year, to . This page provides backgroundand maps. Ever since Tableau introduced filled maps in version 7 we've repeatedly been asked about filled maps in the UK and why it's limited to just England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some UPRNs in the NSUL dataset represent historic addresses, where a building previously had a different postcode. Youll find that some of the postcode polygons overlap. Find out more about the development ofData ZonesandSuper Data Zones, and download digital boundary files. Our database currently has a total of 81 postcode areas (a group of postcode districts with the same alphabetical prefix is called a postcode area) for 6 different counties with in Northern Ireland. Youve accepted all cookies. Between 8 May 2006 and 22 November 2006 the Assembly established under the Northern Ireland Act 2006, and between November 2006 and January 2007 the Transitional . While NISRA endeavour to ensure the CPD is as accurate as possible, NISRA can give no guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of the data presented. MAPS & LOCATION Northern Ireland, UK Description. You can download a vector based pdf map of each of the individual postcode areas of the Northern Ireland showing the areas and districts including labels by clicking on the links down the right hand side of this page. Travel to Work Areas (TTWAs) are zones defined where the bulk of their resident population work within the same area. We will consider your feedback to help improve the site. Constituencies in the UK. Complete List Of Northern Ireland Postcodes can be browsed by following respective district link. The Central Postcode Directory (CPD) has been compiled for users by NISRA Geography. . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . Maps are not available for Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (any postcodes starting with BT, GY, JE or IM). Unsure which region to choose? First is installation size and keeping Tableau as lean as possible. Population counts can vary substantially, even within a single LAD, but the national average is about 7,900. This data is based on the October 2020 release of NSUL, which is fairly old now. Today, the Belfast post town covers postcode districts BT1 to BT17 and part of BT29. The Northern Ireland Executive however has powers in a number of areas, such as health, education, industry, agriculture, environment, and culture. If you would be interested in getting regular updates to this data (or working on improving it) or you represent an institution that might have the resources and longevity to take over maintenance of this, please do get in touch with me. Scale. Going by the description of Code-Point with Polygons on the Ordnance Surveys website, it sounds like its generated with a very similar method to the one Im using, but unlike me they are able to filter out all the points that dont represent current deliverable postal addresses, which means that their polygons are higher quality. By area, Tyrone is the largest and Armagh is the smallest. You can download a wide range of maps, including counties and district council areas from the Open Geography portal. OS Postcodes Data is made available in a number of Ordnance Survey Products: Codepoint (point geometry), Codepoint Open (point geometry) and Codepoint with Polygons (polygon geometry). The Geoplan Postcode Boundary file is absolutely unique, it is the only one of its type in both its source, its method of creation and the maintenance cycle. Darragh Cross, Saintfield is within the Derryboy ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency Strangford. As for status value 1, except by visual inspection of Landline maps (Scotland only). Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) is the official producer of high quality, accurate and current geographic mapping data for Northern Ireland. Our database currently has a total of 6 Counties in Northern Ireland. Electoral wards and electoral divisions are the key building blocks of UK administrative geography. In terms of topography, Northern Ireland can be thought of as a saucer with its center at Lough (lake) Neagh, and the highlands can be considered the inverted rim of that saucer. Darragh Cross, Saintfield is located in the region of in Northern Ireland. For queries or advice about Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), including parking tickets and bus lane PCNs, emaildcu@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk. That would, though, be a lot more computationally expensive, and hence, if done on EC2, more financially expensive! etc. However, Northern Ireland's political fortunes have improved since then, and with that improvement has come a flourishing of the arts. With a population of over 1.8 million people, BT is the second most populous UK postcode area, after the B postcode area (Birmingham, 1.9 million). Belfast had already been divided into numbered districts. Output Areas (OAs) were introduced in Northern Ireland after the 2001 Census. How to find a Postal Code. Approximate to within 50 metres. The CPD is available for use by all Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA) participants or those working on behalf of a NIMA participant. Health and Social Care Boards; Health Boards (2003) Local Commissioning Groups; . The Central Postcode Directory (CPD) has been compiled for users by NISRA Geography. This data is often used for service delivery and statistical analysis. Find out more about the development of Data Zones and Super Data Zones, and . Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. An old graffito once scrawled on the walls of Belfast captures the complexities of those political markers: "If you are not confused, you do not understand the situation." Slieve Croob (which rises to 1,745 feet (532 metres) in the southeast) and the Mourne Mountains (which reach an elevation of 2,789 feet (850 metres) at Slieve Donard (Northern Ireland's highest point) are all within two miles (3 kilometers) of each other in the southwest. The Republic of Ireland forms the southern and western borders of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. BB, KT) Postcode sector polygons of the whole UK (e.g BB3 3, BB3 4) Postcode sector centre points Postcode district polygons of the whole UK (e.g BB3, BB4) It comes down to the words of Jesus: "In vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" ( Matt. As at 2021, there are 4,100 people on average in each Northern Ireland ward. Since I cant filter these out with any open data that I know of, these points distort some of the boundaries. Low resolution preview of BT - Belfast postcode districts map. On the rim of the saucer, five of Ireland's six historic countiesAntrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone and Londonderryconverge to form the lake, and each has its own highland region that extends from its shores. The ultimate 3.2 miles to 1 inch scale large format paperback road atlas of Britain, featuring Collins' popular and well established road mapping, and designed for exceptional clarity and ease of use. Your email address will not be published. Counties in Northern Ireland. The only BELFAST addresses in BT29 are at Belfast International Airport. Electoral wards and divisions are also found in England, Wales and Scotland. In October 2020 there was big news for postcode geography geeks like me: the ONS added a postcode column to their NSUL dataset, which gave us for the first time a coordinate and postcode for each property in Great Britain as open data. [citation needed] This area is a group of 82 postcode districts in Northern Ireland, within 44 post towns and around 47,227 live postcodes. Population counts can vary substantially, even within a single LAD, but the national average is about 7,900.

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